Mic Sachkov


2017 — "L'Illusion du Marriage" (Performance in the framework of the main program "The Venice Biennale", Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista), Venice
2015 — Acid Noodles (together with 4S4R for Color ARTBasement), Moscow
2015 — "Digital dreams about Russia" (together with "4S4R" for the Tretyakov Gallery, PMQ, The Qube), Hong Kong
2015 — "APEX", (together with "4S4R" for the Moscow Museum and ARMA17), Moscow
2014 — "Orepei" (together with "4S4R" for the Night of New Media), Nikola Lenivets
2014 — "Transmutation" / "Cyclotron-II" (together with "4S4R" for the Night of New Media), Nikolae Lenivets
2014 — "Laboratory 7" (together with "4S4R"), Museum of Moscow, Moscow
2014 — Exhibition of immersive projects "Surface of contact" (together with "4S4R" in the framework of Plums Fest 6), Museum of Moscow, Moscow
2014 — "Experiments", (installation-performance in seven parts: produced by Oleg Glushkov, curator Marina Glukhova, video art for the part "Dream"), Troyka Multispace, Moscow
2013 — "Cyclotron" (together with "4S4R" for the International festival of full-cupola art "Dimension", the State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics named after K. Tsiolkovsky), Kaluga
2011 — "M_SLI" (together with "4S4R" for the Garage Museum), Moscow