Egor Ostrov


2016 – Book of Pontormo: Egor Ostrov in collaboration with curator Arkadiy Hippolitov. Moscow;
2015 – Absolute Beauty – Neoacademism in Saint Petersburg. Ludwig Museum, Budapest;
2014 – Selected. Transatlantiqe Gallery, Moscow;
2012 – In the Flow. ArtMost Galley. Mayfair, London;
2011-2012 – New Academy. Cultural Foundation Ekaterina, Moscow;
2011 – Immodern Art: Egor Ostrov and Elena Ulantseva. Knop’s Castle, Moscow;
2008 – String Theory. State Academy of Fine Art, Moscow;
2007 – Sign and Image. Attelier No.2, Moscow;
2007 – Image and Sign. D137 Gallery, Saint Petersburg;
2007 – New Positive Process. State Center for Photography, Saint Petersburg;
2004 – Depth of Field: Egor Ostrov and Arno Brecker. D137 Gallery, Saint Petersburg;
2003 – New Academists. Look Art Gallery, London;
2003 – The Snowqueen’s Way: Egor Ostrov and Belyaev Gintovt. New academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg;
2001-2002 – Beauty and Eritism. Gallery Gasunie, Groningem;
2000 – Successors of Sparta. Synebruchoff Art Museum, Helsinki;
1998 – New Possitive Processes. State Russian Museum/State Hermitage, Saint Petersburg;
1998 – Seven Lines to the Inch. Aidan Gallery, Moscow;
1998 – Saint Petersburg Neoacademist Photography. Museum Foreign Art, Riga;
1997 – Kabinet. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam;
1996 – Egor Ostrov: Paintings. Galerie Rotloff, Karlsruhe;
1996 – Metaphern des Entrucktseins. Aktuelle Kunst aus St. Petersburg. Badischer Kunstverein/Karlsruher Kunstlerhaus, Karlsruhe;
1994-1995 – Self-Indetification: Positions in Saint Petersburg art from 1970 until today / Kiel, Berlin, Oslo, Sopot, Copenhagen, Saint Petersburg;
1994 – Renaissance and Resistance. State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg;
1994 – Achilles. New Academy of Fine Arts, Saint Petersburg.