On June 7 Orehov Gallery unveils Selena, a new exhibition by a young sculptor Kirill Chizhov. While his name won’t say much to Moscow art aficionados, Kirill boasts long years of practice at Alexander Rukavishnikov workshop and an impressive record of group projects. Selena, Chizhov’s first solo show, is based on his observations of moon phases. For the artist who elaborates on the subject of life cycles, comparing birth and death to sunrise and sunset, a woman represents an infinite cycle of a beginning, an end and a new beginning.
June 07 - August 27, 2019
On September 19, Orekhov Gallery presents a new exhibition Lilac Ladies , which reveals Sergey Bondarev's aspiration towards balance. Projective method, widely used in psychology, analyses technique, color palette and the subject of paintings and allows professionals to rather accurately assess the emotional state of the author. Set yourself for a delicate engagement, trust your own feelings and you will discover the lilac world of women from Sergey Bodnarev’s universe.
September 19 - December 30, 2018
Egor Ostrov – on basics, ideal shapes, impeccable images and the mission of an artist as a custodian in the fast-moving reality of the modern art world in his Kanon exhibition to be held on June 1 – August 20 at Orekhov Gallery (exhibition is extended!).
June 01 - August 20, 2018
А series of Vladimir Glynin’s new photographs, stripped of their figurative content, present the audience with the results of color exploration based on the experience of abstract expressionism artists. For this exhibition, Gregory Orekhov has created environment objects transforming the perception of the space inside the gallery.
April 04 - May 20, 2018
Familiar since childhood images painted by an outstanding neoacademic artists will share the exhibition space with a series of neo-pop art works by Gregory Orekhov, also referring to Soviet toys.
October 12 2017 - January 31 2018