April 04, 2018

From April 4th to May 20, 2018 the Orekhov Gallery will host an exhibition RGB featuring a series of Vladimir Glynin’s new photographs. Stripped of their figurative content, his works present the audience with the results of color exploration based on the experience of abstract expressionism artists. For this exhibition, Gregory Orekhov has created environment objects transforming the perception of the space inside the gallery.

A red glass cube that alters the architectural rhythm of the Orekhov Gallery, a green construction daringly catching viewer’s eye, a secret blue room – all are intentionally reduced to a basic RGB-model color palette. The three environment objects by Gregory Orekhov not only change the usual perception of shape, volume and space of the rooms, but also serve as symbolic light filters. Gregory’s objects model the perception for the colored spectrum preparing the audience to dive into a complex color palette.

Vladimir Glynin’s new works show the audience the interaction between color rhythm and volume captured within a photograph. “I am convinced that color has a great influence on our subconsciousness, that any experience of interacting with color can provoke a certain emotional response. I want that each and every one of my works for the RGB series to touch on various feelings of the viewer: joy, melancholy, energy, hope, emptiness, tenderness and so on – creating in its entirety a feeling of emotional harmony and balance,” says Vladimir Glynin.

Glynin’s complete abandonment of figurative sense but also photomontage gives viewer a perfectly realistic image with an extremely abstract content. While in his previous projects Vladimir focused on architecture or sculpture, in case of RGB it is color itself shot in a studio. Devoid of any complexity, it reduces Glynin’s work to modulated stripes where the rhythm of color becomes the main artistic element. Referencing Mark Rothko and his multiforms, for his own works Vladimir Glynin choses the technique of multiple exposure. He replaces the technique of delicate chromatic interaction between layers of paint with a similar photographic method and thus pours his inmost feelings and emotions not on canvas but into digital format reflecting the overall digitization of modern processes. The result of multiple exposure is intuitive and unpredictable and the photographer never gets the same result twice. The presence of digital fortuity in his works gives birth to unpredictable and complex color combinations out of which Glynin picks only a few that match his creative perception of an aesthetic ideal.

The exploration of color continues throughout the visit of RGB exhibition. Due the physiological particularities in the way human eye retina perceives color, each individual will see the works differently. If there is harmony or not is for the viewer to decide.