December 17, 2019

Orekhov Gallery is pleased to present “”, a group show that – with the help of the colour white (or in CMYK) – sets the artists free from the flurry of activity and saves the viewers from rushing through the exhibition.

The show features works by Ustina Yakovleva, Tim Parchikov, Daria Neretina, Daniil Antropov and Apollinaria Broche, whose practices examine the concepts of candour and artisanship set against the dictatorship of technological advancement. Embroidery, ceramics, film photography and other craft manufacturing processes that require the artist to distance from the world and fully immerse themselves in the activity.

The “” is an attempt to slow down all processes both for the artist and the viewer. It is no coincidence that the artworks selected and commissioned for the show display various shades of white: they embody the immaterial world, light, purity, and the starting point of other colours in the scientific and technical sense. Symbolically, white colour serves as a healing medium that disconnects the surrounding objects and images from emotional associations and brings the viewer into a neutral zone. Besides, by using an expression from Russian fairy tales, “увидеть белый свет” (literally “to see white light”, meaning “to see the whole wide world”), we allude to exploring an unfamiliar world, which the artists urge us to do.

In one way or another, each artwork shows the human abandoning the central stage and succumbing to nature. Tim Parchikov’s forlorn melancholy landscapes from the series “Tenerife. Near Teide” hang alongside with Ustina Yakovleva’s photographs, painstakingly embroidered by hand. Every object created by Ustina, whether it is graphics, molluscs or embroidery, takes us back to nature and the natural movements of the artist’s hands crafting embroidery in a technique incompatible with mass production. Daria Neretina’s work “Cover”, commissioned especially for the show, urges us to hide from the persistent pressures of society. A length of velvet elaborately embroidered with beads shelters both the artist and the viewer from the troubles outside. Another important vector in the field of artisanship and traditional crafts links the young sculptors Daniil Antropov and Apollinaria Broche. While Antropov immortalises industrial detritus in his works, Broche puts a delicate item of women’s clothing into a vacuum bag for storage. This clay work is deliberately left unfired to maintain its white colour.

Each artist participating in “” employs traditional crafting techniques in a unique manner that makes the time spent on creating the work all the more valuable. This energy passes on to the viewer who can engage in meditation in the gallery space and contemplate each artwork in complete privacy.