Gregory Orekhov created trophies for the BURO. Beauty Kit Awards

Published on February 19, 2020

We are pleased to announce that for the BURO. Beauty Kit Awards 2020 sculptor Gregory Orekhov created the trophies from stainless steel «Narcissus». The shape of the sculpture resembles a flower, and the mirror surface refers to the Myth of Narcissus, who could stop looking at his reflection.

“The sculpture that I specially created for the BURO. Beauty Kit Award is called "Narcissus." A beautiful flower and an ancient Greek young man, the son of God Kefisa. The beauty and myth remind us of how valuable it is to love not only our reflection, but also the people around us, ”- Gregory Orekhov.

Prizes were awarded to winners in 48 nominations, including Olga Romanova, Sergey Naumov, Olga Kalayeva and others.