Opening of "LIFORM / Living Megastructures" exhibition

Published on February 27, 2020

Since February 26, the bio-art project "LIFORM / Living Megastructures" by the artist Katya Bryskina is presented at Orekhov Gallery.

LIFORM is an ongoing investigation on 'interspecies collaboration’ for the generation of soft megastructures, or how the collaboration between human and bio-organisms can change the world we live in. LIFORM is a curated process with the ambition to grow new types of complex morphologies using mycelium and weaving techniques. Designed ecosystems are the starting point for living megastructures. The goal of the current experiment is to create an ecosystem, a living harmony, by generating a suitable growth environment inside an incubator. The object of art, in this case, is the incubator itself, the ecosystem inside it and the process of structure formation.

The exhibition will run till the 26th of March.