Five-meter sculpture of Gregory Orekhov "Agatha" installed in Stoleshnikov Lane

Published on December 25, 2019

We are pleased to announce that on December 15, in the very heart of Moscow, a sculpture by Gregory Orekhov “Agatha” was installed. The composition of polished stainless steel will delight Muscovites and guests of the capital in Stoleshnikov Lane.

Over the past few decades, public art has become an important phenomenon in Russia, the lack of size restrictions allows artists to create large-scale works for demonstration in public spaces. "Agatha", installed in one of the main lanes of the capital, is no exception, its height on the pedestal is 5 meters, and it is made of stainless steel, polished to a mirror state. This laborious process took Gregory Orekhov about a year. The scale of the sculpture is striking not only in size, but also in weight of one ton. Everyone can "look into themselves", reflected in the perfect surface of the sculpture, which fit greatly into the architectural ensemble and decorated Stoleshnikov Lane on the threshold of the upcoming holidays.

Agatha is named after the daughter of the artist, whose birth gave an impulse for the creation of this work: “When my daughter Agatha was born, I was pierced by the thought that I must express my love for her so that it remains forever. Four years ago, I saw my daughter's "nevalyashka" toy on the porch - that was how a giant steel toy appeared: a sculpture that was completely different from what I have learned before. ”

The steel version of Agatha, created in 2017, managed to participate twice in the Cosmoscow international contemporary art fair and become part of the Russian Museum collection, was exhibited at the London Saatchi Gallery and on Red Square in Moscow.