Exhibition opening in "Zaryadye"

Published on September 05, 2020

Starting from 10:00 on September 5, in the pavilions, on multimedia screens and on the territory of the park, you can see the works of artists who have created works in Moscow, about Moscow and for Moscow over the past three years.In Ice Cave, you can see “Noah's Ark” by Maxim Kharlov, and next to the pavilion entrance, there is installation «Being and Time» by Valentin Korzhov. In the hall of Media Center, you can watch video works by Dmitry Venkov. In Nature Center you can see and listen to “Protosymphony” by Alexey Dyakov, dedicated to Sergei Prokofiev. Next to the Nature Center entrance, there is a five-meter sculpture “The Guardian” by Dmitry Aske, and by the Media Center entrance, there is the “Filter” by Gregory Orekhov.